Which Lube should you use?

  • Water Based Lube – Most Common Lube
    •      Easy to clean up, Natural Ingredients, Gentle and Soothing to your skin
  • Silicone Based Lube – Made of Natural Element Silicone and Oxygen Atoms
    •      Unique, Silky feel making skin soft and smooth, Hypoallergenic, Last Longer           and need to be reapplied less often, and great for water play
  • Hybrid Lubes – Natural feeling of water lube but long lasting like silicone
    •      Able to use in the bedroom and in the water.  The silicone element can add           wear and tear to silicone toys, no recommended to be used with them
  • Oil Based Lubes – Long lasting with a silky feel
    •      Great for hand jobs, masturbation and massage, and for exploring other

                          erogenous zones.  BE CAREFUL oil breaks down latex and hard to clean

                      off toys and skin. 

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Ever wanted to know more about BDSM, but was afraid to ask?

Hand-Made Fetish Accessories

Locally Made in

​St. Louis

 If you need fun items for a Bachelorette Party we can help with sashes, games, or a penis shaped cake pan.


We have lubes, oils, cream stimulants, toy cleaners, and condoms.   If you cannot find it in store, don't be afraid to ask.  We will be happy to try and find anything you desire. 

For that little extra, we carry female and male enhancers as a "insurance policy" to make the night last longer. 

Have you ever wanted to try something in the bedroom but you didn't know where to start?  Did you want to surprise your partner with something special but still want recommendations? Need a quick gift for a couple? We can help with those and more.  ​Sex is out there, people do it and it happens, so why be afraid to talk about it?   Everyone is not the same and everyone likes something different.   Whether it be by yourself, with a partner or anything else you can imagine we want to help with that satisfaction.  It can be big or small, hard or soft, fast or slow, we try to fulfill every fantasy.  We are a non-judemental boutique, we only care that it is consensual and safe for both parties.