Sex is not something that Ciggfreeds shies away from, we embrace it.  We realize that everyone is not the same and everyone likes something different.  Whether it be by yourself, with a partner or anything else you can imagine we want to help with that satisfaction.  It can be big or small, hard or soft, fast or slow, we try to fulfill every fantasy. The assortment of toys and enhancements we have available, are handpicked from our owner before they are hung on the wall. 

Ciggfreeds carries products by Fetish, furniture by Liberator and Icicles glass toys. If you need fun items for a Bachelorette Party we can help with sashes and penis shaped cake pans.  Along with the toys, we carry the enhancers to make the night last longer and the lube to make things smoother.  Everyone should be comfortable in what they want and like, plus if you have questions, we all have our areas of expertise.

Hand-Made Fetish Accessories

Ciggfreeds Liquid and Lace
6839 Gravois Ave. 

St. Louis, MO 63116
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You deserve it