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  • Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia
  • Kratom leaves contain psychoactive and pain relieving properties when consumed
  • Kratom in low to moderate doses acts as a stimulant. The user will experience improved physical energy, alertness, increased libido, euphoria, improved sociability, improved mood and focus
  • Kratom in high doses may lower your sensitivity to pain, physical and emotional.  It works as a depression and anxiety reliever and may result in prolonged sleep if used in excess
  • Kratom is often used as an opioid replacement.  The Kratom leaf contains over 25 alkaloids, and these alkaloids act as mu-opioid receptor antagonist.  Although Kratom can be habit forming if abused, low to moderate doses of Kratom have been shown to help many. 

EUPHORIA: Blend of white and green veins. Optimal for helping with
               various psychological issues like depression and anxiety. 

               Also has noticeable mood-enhancing capabilities

UPLIFT:     Blend of white vein. Similar to Euphoria but provides
               increased energy and focus. Provides stimulation

CALM:       Blend of red vein. Great for pain relief, relaxation and
               alleviating stress. Helps in curbing opioid addiction, will ease


Blissful Remedies Gold Series Ultra Enhanced Indo

  • Strong Sedating Effects and capable of inducing sleep.

  • Mood elevator, the feeling of excitement increases and quality of life
  • Mental efficiency and thinking processes are enhanced
  • Energizes the body at any time of the day                           
  • Treats penetrating pain of different types